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Recently, increasing numbers of clients have been requesting packages and set plans – well, we have listened to your feedback and put together 3 options to help you get the absolute best value for money when adding professional video to your business marketing plans. Let’s run through it...

The Homepage Package: Homepage videos are a great way to portray your company and its ethos simply, quickly and easily. Plus, who would prefer reading a long paragraph as opposed to watching a short video? No one! We get asked for Homepage videos a lot - it’s our most popular format and a great way for clients to communicate their ideas to their customers quickly and neatly. You can get your message across within a 1-2 minute video, with engaging visuals and audio and fully grip your audience before they grow tired of skimming the information provided and move on to your competitor. Homepage videos don’t make you stand out from the crowd anymore – the majority of companies have them, it’s true; this is why you need to make sure you have one too. Meeting and exceeding expectations is such a crucial part of that customers journey from discovery of your company, all the way through to sales and delivery. A homepage video makes that journey smoother - more like driving a Porsche as opposed to riding the 63 bus into Birmingham. Click the image below to see the Homepage packages.

The Testimonials Package: we decided to put together a Testimonials package because we seem to do a lot of these sorts of videos too! With testimonial videos the pricing was always very up and down job-to-job due to logistical differences between every video shoot – sometimes a client would gather their colleagues/clients in one location to shoot the video in 1 day, done and dusted; other times a customer will give us a list of their clients and addresses to chase up, see what time and day works best for them, book them in and with all of the travelling, this worked out as a much longer way to do it, with greater expense to the client.

So, we put together the Testimonials package to simplify the whole process – now our clients have a baseline price, with knowledge from the leaflets on what we will do for them before they even enquire, and also expectations of what we would like them to do for us. This has been separated into 3 sections – Basic, Standard and Premium; these 3 options should help our clients get the best value for money while knowing what to expect and making the whole video process much smoother. Click the image below to see the Testimonial packages.

The Speakers Package: Similarly to the other two, we were inundated with enquiries from Professional Speakers wanting their talk/seminar filmed for online use afterwards. Due to the hugely diverse number of professional speakers that had different uses for the videos, we put together a Speakers Package that encompasses everything a speaker should require. This way they can choose from a list of options, have expectations of what will be covered within their package, and it’s easy to request extras that aren’t covered. For example, a speaker might only need a one-camera shoot – they might only need the talk filmed for their own notes afterwards (self-analysis etc.), however, another customer might expect a jazzy, multi-camera speak with logo fly-in’s and music and graphics added; this way our customers can read through what is included in Basic, Standard and Premium, and then we can discuss any additions separately. Much easier!

Click the image below to see the Speakers packages.

Regarding all packages, we wanted to save our clients a large amount of time. With these packages they can see what will be covered, choose correctly to suit their needs, and then it’s easy for them to request extras that aren’t already included if need be. This saves clients writing us a huge brief and saves us from the human error of miscommunication – we know what they want, and they know what to expect from us.

If you have any suggestions on new packages that would be useful feel free to pop an email over to Thanks for reading!

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