Thunderbirds are go!

Seeing as this blog edition will be released at Christmas, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to share with you the special reason for the name Quill Creations, as it’s close to my heart and to my family; what better time to share this than at Christmas?

The name means an awful lot to me - it was almost written in the stars, or to be less poetic, passed down to me when I was young. My Grandfather owned and managed Quill Productions from the 1960’s until his death in the late 1990’s. Originally a scriptwriting company, Quill Productions contributed to many iconic shows including the original Thunderbirds and many other hits. There is a beautiful video of my grandfather, Donald Robertson, on the ITV News back in 1963 where you can see my dad running around in tiny little shorts, aged 3, whilst his father is being interviewed all about his fantastic writing skills and contribution to the Thunderbirds. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll be able to see this video – it makes me very proud!

My Grandfather, through his company, also worked alongside corporate giants such as JCB, British Gas and Jaguar, to name just a couple, and produced their in-house training videos and corporate videos.

Many seasons ago, when the time came for teenage me to decide what I wanted to do with my life, I chose to undertake a degree in Film & TV Production Technology. I always felt like it was my calling; with my father in a similarly creative industry, and my Grandfather being an extremely talented scriptwriter, the fact that I’d loved to pick up a camera from as far back as I could remember just felt right - like the creative family genes had been passed down to me.

When I graduated in 2016 with a lot more filming knowledge (and a lot less money!) I decided to set up a videography company. I had a business partner at that time, and we brainstormed for hours on a company name that encompassed everything we felt was important, summarised our ethos, and felt right. In the end, I suggested Quill as it had always been in the back of my mind, but I didn’t want to seem like I was riding off my Grandfathers success. However, when I ran it past my dad, he thought it was a beautiful tribute to his father, and he believed he’d be proud of it. And that was that. Quill 2 was born!

I chose to change ‘Quill Productions’ into ‘Quill Creations’, simply because the times and technology have changed an awful lot since the 60s – or even since the 90s! – it’s almost a different world; I felt ‘creations’ was broader, as now there is just so much more that video can offer other than just a corporate, an advert or a training video. Now there are a million different types of video for a million different uses, and ‘creations’ just felt more all-encompassing for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my company name’s origin. I would like to take this time to wish all of my subscribers, clients, contacts and colleagues a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year!

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