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Videos there easy!

December 10, 2018

Being a videographer is one of the best jobs in the world (in my biased opinion). No day is the same, no client is the same - every job is different. The reason I've decided to document some of the jobs I have had over the last couple of years is to clear up and shed some light on what the job entails, the endless bumps in the road that are endured and sometimes enjoyed (I like a challenge!) and why, when asked for set prices, I struggle to give them. If you choose to invest in videography to improve your marketing campaigns (which you should be doing in 2018!), the path we go down together isn't going to work for everyone. The style, pace, colouring, composition, structure and overall message used to market a big manufacturing business to gain investors isn't going to match the video created for a cute high street shop selling stuffed toys to children. In the same way, even if the business is the same, one may need the video to gain investment, the other may need it to sell products. These are all the things a videographer has to think about within the first 10 minutes of our initial meeting, and that's why set prices do not work. However, I work with all sorts of clients for all sorts of campaigns, very large and very small and, inevitably, I have some interesting stories from these jobs! So it dawned on me... why not share them with the world?

A lot of the feedback I get from the business world, whether that be networking around Birmingham or chatting to potential clients, is that a large majority of the reason why they’ve never invested in Video Production for their business before is the total confusion and fear around how it works. By that they mean, what do they have to do? Do they have to know exactly what they want, and will I laugh at them if they don’t? How much does it cost? Will it take months and months to do? You get the jist.

            What most people need to understand is, like all bespoke services, yes, a lot of the ‘how it works’ comes down to the client and their needs and expectations, but a lot of it is pretty standard stuff! If you approach a videographer (any videographer, I’m sure, at least the Videographers in Birmingham that I know), they will be very, very happy to talk with you about what you want, whether you know only the outcome you’d like, or whether you know exactly what you want. No one will be laughed out the door, especially not with Quill Creations. It’s an enjoyable process of figuring out what will work best for you and how we can achieve that together; let me explain my basic process:


First of all, I would suggest a meeting, whether that be face-to-face or Skype, lasting approximately 40 minutes to an hour. During this time we will build the foundation of your video - I’ll ask some questions to determine what you want from the video, what your expectations are, what style (i.e. corporate video, promotional video, product video), who will be involved, when you need it by, etc. etc., and you can determine whether you want to invest in me to create this for you. I will send you a summary email of what we’ve covered in the meeting, and how we agreed to go forward, then I’ll often catch up with you via phone call a week later to see where we’re at.

The first meeting is no strings attached, so don’t be scared to book a meeting, but if (when) you decide to go ahead, then a shooting schedule and estimate will be sent over to you. Once agreed and a small deposit is paid, then pre-production will begin. Depending on what we’ve discussed and decided together, this can include scripts, shot lists, story boards, finding locations, hiring kit, finding actors, all where necessary. I will then give you a call to update you on pre-production, go over any last-minute details, and then we will discuss our pre-agreed filming date…

At this point you can decide whether or not you and your team would like to be on set. Of course, if we’re filming an interview you’ll need to be there, but for product videos or client testimonial videos you don’t necessarily need to take time out of your day if you’d prefer not to. Alternatively, some of my clients love to be on set where all of the action and excitement is, and it means you can have more of an input on the day. 


Once we have wrapped, you can expect a first draft from me within 3 working days (if it needs to be more for any reason, y