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Sylvanian Families - Brand Sizzle

September 13, 2018

Sylvanian Families - Brand Sizzle


Being a videographer is one of the best jobs in the world (in my biased opinion). No day is the same, no client is the same - every job is different. The reason I've decided to document some of the jobs I have had over the last couple of years is to clear up and shed some light on what the job entails, the endless bumps in the road that are endured and sometimes enjoyed (I like a challenge!) and why, when asked for set prices, I struggle to give them. If you choose to invest in videography to improve your marketing campaigns (which you should be doing in 2018!), the path we go down together isn't going to work for everyone. The style, pace, colouring, composition, structure and overall message used to market a big manufacturing business to gain investors isn't going to match the video created for a cute high street shop selling stuffed toys to children. In the same way, even if the business is the same, one may need the video to gain investment, the other may need it to sell products. These are all the things a videographer has to think about within the first 10 minutes of our initial meeting, and that's why set prices do not work. However, I work with all sorts of clients for all sorts of campaigns, very large and very small and, inevitably, I have some interesting stories from these jobs! So, it dawned on me... why not share them with the world

Sylvanian Families approached me again for another video - a Brand Sizzle. A Brand Sizzle, you say? What is that, you say? Well, let me tell you! This was a very exciting, brand coverage video to show their hard work and achievements over the many videos we worked together, and using a few videos shot before they found Quill Creations. This video was to be shown for their amazing 60th Anniversary and to celebrate their upcoming location upgrade.

I absolutely hate letting my clients down, but Sylvanian Families wanted me to capture one more event before compiling all of the best bits of their past videos to create the Brand Sizzle. However, the event was only on for one day and I was already booked in to shoot with another client. Though I'm Birmingham based, so I can travel pretty much anywhere in no time at all, the shoot was in Essex and with the time scale of my existing shoot it just wouldn't have been possible. However, I do a lot of networking and I'm a firm believer in knowing your competitors, so I had someone ready to phone up to go in my place, and because he was approved by myself, Sylvanian Families were happy for me to brief and send someone else to shoot for Quill Creations. I was happy they agreed to this, as I don't like letting my clients down, and wouldn't have wanted them to go through the added stress of trying to find another videographer that could fill in. 


So, the other videographer travelled to Essex for me, I carried on with my shoot, and when I got home that evening I had 2 lots of footage waiting for me to edit. Lovely jubbly!

Sylvanian Families were extremely happy with the Brand Sizzle video that I created. Luckily I'm quite anal with my computer filing system, so all information and footage was ready to go, even the stuff from over a year ago, so I was able to create their video and send it over to them, finished, within the week for their 60th anniversary celebrations.